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The Pro Ear Mask from IST is for divers who have difficulty in equalising and problems with ear infections regardless of experience. More dives are aborted and more diving holidays shortened due to ear problems than any other cause.

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  1. VashBlaster says

    I have one question, that mask as to be worn without a hood right? or is it possible to use it under it? since it's so bulky.

  2. Josh Henry says

    Does the IST EAR PRO. Have a mask with GO PRO HD hook up? If so im ready to buy

  3. srinivas shinde says

    does this mask keeps your ear 100% dry and free from water?
    because i have a hole in my ear drum and have to keep my ear 100%
    will it?

  4. nemogondor says

    I own this mask for a bit over a year. used it over 50 dives so far. I LOVE IT. few things to keep in mind. before you ever use it, it's smart to have tierips to secure the "straws" connecting the mask to the ear caps on both side. This because it you pull off the mask forwards or upwards while the ear caps are still on it may happen the straws disconnect (this is the first and almost the on thing that will ever break on this mask).

    next tip is to always place the mask on your neck and move it up putting it in position on your face. this as it's easier to remove and hair from the frond face and ear area. also move the mask and ear caps as one to no break to connecting straws.

    if you have hairs be ween the seal your ear caps will flud like a normal mask would. it's not very comfortable but it's not a bug deal either offcourse it won't protect you from infections but equalizing is still easy.

  5. Paul Ryder says

    This could make mask clearing interesting.

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