Aqua Lung Fusion Bullet Aircore Drysuit –

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The AquaLung Fusion Bullet AirCore Drysuit is a twin layer drysuit, one to keep you dry and one to protect and flex. The Bullet was originally designed for special forces operators and engineered for the harshest of diving environments with a super stretch neoprene outer skin that lets you move while staying streamlined too.
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  1. cheaplaffsarefree says

    A shame they don't include or mention the rubber backing patches that need to be glued onto replacement skins so you can reseat the valves.

  2. Jeff Greenfield says

    which model year are you reviewing in the video? I just picked up a 2018 Fusion Bullet and there is only Gatortech fabric on the front of the leg up to the knee, it is no longer on the arms or the seat. Also, it seems like the 2018 model does not come with the extra padding in the arms or the legs/knees that is referenced in the video. Any ideas why Aqualung made these changes for the 2018 model of this suit?

  3. Mohammed alebrahim says

    Do you ship to kuwait

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