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The Suunto Zoop is a popular dive computer which takes place of the Gekko. This is a great piece of kit for recreational divers who want an easy-to-use and inexpensive diving domputer.

Rating: 4.35

  1. Simply Scuba says

    Well this is a rather old video… why not check out a more up to date version:

  2. Jaz T-Seg says

    Been diving with that computer for 3 years now and it works great! simple but reliable!!

  3. Laurent Quifille says

    Bjr peut on avoir cet présentation en francais

  4. Laurent Quifille says

    Bjr peut on avoir cet présentation en francais

  5. Julio Barrios says

    hi, can you use it as a watch ? does it have a stopwatch?

  6. Riddhi Shah says

    What about the backlight?

  7. urgedmoon says

    which other strap can be used with this product? preferably fabric-like ? thanks

  8. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Enjoyed this video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  9. Martine De Zwirek says

    How do I turn the dive computer off? Why ST i still continuing to increase when I am not using the watch?

  10. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Perfect explanation to having to read the 70 plus page manual. Well done thumbs up from Sint Maarten

  11. As an old school diver who learned in the 70s and 80s these computers look a bloody nightmare. How I wish for the simple tables of old.

  12. VEI DORJE says

    175 euros on the market not too bad considering how expensive some of these dive computers can be and how little waterproof watches manufacturers care about making model with built in depht meters hard to find on the market and maybe not as accurate as that type

  13. Nath .L says

    Can the wrist band strap be change? Please anyone? Cause I just bought mine recently..

  14. Beverley-Jayne Last says

    Thank you. This has really helped me to understand this computer. Although it is still not that an intuitive a model, your video has made it simply to follow and program.

  15. Pleating says

    How do you turn it off?

  16. Paul Gee says

    Guy has too rapid figure gestures and he flies through critical functions. Slow down, mate.

  17. Felipe Zambrano says

    Good video but how do i turn off my suunt zoop

  18. Daniel Mckell says

    How do u turn it off

  19. Eechu Wama says

    i don't know about you guys, but i'm leaning towards not putting my life in the hands of a computer named "Zoop"

  20. Muhammad Alif says

    is that for freedive too?

  21. drucey99 says

    Hi really useful video. Please could you let me know if this automatically starts a timer for a safety stop? Also, does it have audible alarms for safety stop and ascending too quickly? Thanks.

  22. helpme44550 says

    Much better than the printed instructions!!

  23. Michael Kinney says

    Thanks so much.  You helped me so much better than the printed instructions.

  24. Garreth Zarb says

    How do you switch on the backlight please?

  25. Marty Gilman says

    Haven't used it yet. Wish it were more intuitive. The PDF manual should shave been a DVD video. This video is decent.

  26. Raymond Edge says

    I just got home with my new Zoop, and started reading the user manual.  3/4 of it was warnings and legal garbage. OK, fine, I will just pop in the dvd.  ok, no auto run, found out I have to use the DOS Run command.  Now, I have my doubts, but I charged on, confident that all will be fine. After all I am a retired Electronics tech, with 20 years programming computers. No problem right? (yeah, right) Ok, it's NOT a DVD, it's a CD with a PDF!!! C'mon Suunto…this is lame.  Ok, I've dealt with worse, so I go to youtube and all I get is VERY basic" what it can do" stuff. Finally track down a link thru their website, register to join their online "Class" and guess what?  They want $5.00 bucks to watch the videos which should have been on a DVD to begin with.  I am VERY dissapointed with their product.  Lots of hoopla about how "Great" they are and then shake you down for $5.00 to purchase an activation code.  Shame on you Suunto!   It's going back to the retailer first thing tomorrow. Shaking down your customers like this is very, very tacky. By the way, you need a microscope to see some of the functions.

  27. Antonios says

    what is the maximum depth for this watch.??

  28. Marco Staal says

    when I want to plan my dive it displays the no deco limit but how do I set the plan to my actual dive?

  29. MrCatchmeifyoucanfly says

    you can use this computer for free diveing ?

  30. Simply Scuba says

    You will need the Suunto Dive Manager-USB. Kind Regards

  31. Berk Yilmaz says

    so we need to buy just the usb cable or dive manager package ? im allitle confused. thank you

    and great video

  32. loykdoyk says

    Thanks for the quick reply!
    Take care.

  33. Simply Scuba says

    The Zoop does not have a salt/fresh water setting, it is calibrated for salt water. If using it in fresh water please be aware that the actual depth is about 3% different than the displayed depth, although this does not matter for the computers decompression calculations as these are based on the measured pressure.

  34. loykdoyk says

    Hi there,
    This was quite the helpful video, thanks a lot.
    One question though, on the Puck from Mares there's a select salt/fresh water mode.
    Does the Zoop detect this automatically or not at all?
    How does this affect my dive planning?

  35. Simply Scuba says

    Hi, If you purchased it from our store then it needs to be returned back to us, otherwise you will need to take it to a Suunto dealer for repair. It sounds like you have a problem with the depth sensor.

  36. MATTHEW C EAMES says

    I did 4 dives with the zoop the a wall Dive 90 feet every dive at 5O it goes to ER why

  37. MATTHEW C EAMES says

    How can Fixe the Error Mode on it seem at 15 FEET STOP

  38. Simply Scuba says

    @saraatjeh Hi,
    This should normally go into and idle state and just show the time.

  39. Simply Hike says

    @FkRsr Hi, The history will remain, the settings may go back to default though. Regards

  40. FkRsr says

    When changing the battery, does all history reset or is it still kept in archive ?

  41. Simply Hike says

    Hi there, the Suunto zoop would require the USB Dive manager which you can purchase for £45.00. This comes with the cable and the software and allows you to download data to your PC.
    Kind Regards

  42. Simply Hike says

    Hi there, we can confirm the Zoop does show the no fly time after a dive. Yes indeed the Zoop does have a built in memory of about 50 diving hours.
    Kind Regards

  43. muhammad ghazali -Ghaz says

    will the computer show a no fly time after dive? it does have a built in memory right?

  44. Simply Scuba says

    @bigrock123 The Zoop doesn't include the transfer cable, only the two flagship units (D9 & HelO2) have it in the box. The item you need is the Suunto Dive Manager, USB version. Make sure to choose the correct fitting for the Zoop/Vyper style unit. Thanks

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