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The Tusa Hyperdry Elite II Snorkel is an upgraded dry-top snorkel design that combines all of the best features of the Tusa snorkel range into probably the driest snorkel they have ever made.

Low Profile Dry-Top delivers outstanding performance without the bulk of conventional dry-top snorkels. The effective splash guard deflects splashing waves away from the airway when on the surface and the integrated float blocks the top of the snorkel when submerged to stop water from flowing into the snorkel when duck-diving.

Comfortable Mouthpiece is perfectly angled and fitted to a flexible corrugated hose which greatly reduces stress on your jaw for maximum comfort.

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Rating: 4.71

  1. Torus1Knot1 says

    Which one is better, this one or Scubapro Spectra Dry?

  2. Marcus Rimmeld says

    I have this and it's the worst snorkel and horrible for scuba diving, especially if you have rear inflation BCD. As soon as you look straight up when you take your head out of the water the valve blocks and you can't breathe. Often when you are on the surface, a diver will switch to the snorkel to save air consumption and as a safety procedure for when you don't have a reg in your mouth you should have a snorkel in it (Especially in rough conditions). So I always find I can't use the snorkel on the surface as it blocks and I can't breathe. I also find that because the value traps the air when going below the surface, the snorkel becomes positively buoyant and pushes up against your head when submerged under water and is very uncomfortable. This snorkel should not be used for Scuba Diving.
    Simply Scuba normally do great reviews, but I feel that they may not have tested this out in the ocean. I also love TUSA, but this model of snorkel is rubbish for scuba in my opinion…..buyer beware. I will replace my snorkel with another model TUSA snorkel though.

  3. fionah986 says

    How does the keeper fit to the mask and where please?

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