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The Bare S-Flex 5mm Wetsuit is a warm and flexible wetsuit with and A-Class thermal rating, better than most other wetsuits in it’s category. S-Flex Neoprene is made from a proprietary blend of neoprene which has extreme levels of flexibility and stretch with a soft finish for added comfort.

Where most of it’s competitors score a B or C grade the Sport S-Flex scored an A-Class thermal rating for exposure protection, meaning it will keep you warmer than it’s competitors. Exposure protection is more than simply thickness of neoprene meaning that this 5mm can feel warmer than some 7mm wetsuits on the market depending on fit and quality.

S-Flex neoprene is incredibly flexible and forgiving compared to traditional neoprene so you have complete freedom of movement in a suit that is much easier to put on. So flexible is the neoprene most divers can still get in the suit one size smaller than their measurements recommend.

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Rating: 5.00

  1. dharmapunk5 says

    I have this suit in a 7 mm and I love it. I wear a bare 7mm shorty with integrated hood over it and it keeps me nice and toasty in BC Canada.

  2. Nomad says

    I just bought one of these suits. I have a lot of experience with wetsuits ,having dived from the early 1970's . My experience with this suit is that it is super flexible and very easy to put on (even when balancing on a small beach-towel in the middle of no-where) !!! It lets in and flushes the minimum of water and warms very quickly . I like the armour on the knees, as the material will probably not take to much rough housing being as soft as it is (may be wrong about its abrasion resistance though )! When you have put it on the suit seems to contract about you to fit all the hollows on your body -like where  the arms meet the chest. ! One thing you should watch is the Velcro on the neck closure on the back of the suit, it is very good quality and will grab the inside of the suit, if you pull it often enough I think you could damage the lining of the suit ! This is 100% the best suite I have had and well worth he money, you can get them 'on offer' at as much as £100 off !

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