Scuba Tech Tips: What To Buy First, Next, Last – S06E01

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Viewers have asked for advise on what order should scuba gear be purchased? Alec explains his recommended buying sequence for divers crushed by the many options and pressured by dive store preferences.

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Rating: 4.97

  1. Marjam Ka says

    He makes me so happy

  2. Orlando Armenguer says

    hi, alec talk a little bit about the Cressi Spearguns Saetta 70, pro and cons…thanks

  3. ArgosWarrior says

    Alec you should have had your own show on the Discovery channel. Far more entertaining than a lot of rubbish on the TV

  4. Felipe C H Bertin says

    My opinion: wetsuit before bcd, because some dive shops rent rags instead of good wetsuits or they won't have your size etc. And for mens it can be a problem if know what I mean. hehe
    The Bcd ….you can manage a small or a big one that doesn't fit quite well during a dive…

  5. igob4u daniels says

    Nice tips for new scuba enthusiasts, conveyed in an unbiased opinion (not mentioning brands) and easily understood. And thank you for making me feel less old, lol. I dive mostly in the Caribbean and my guides were not yet born when I got certified.

  6. TheSollyLama says

    Many dive shops require you have your own mask, fins, snorkel, for your cert class. So I don't consider those when suggesting 'what first' to new divers.

    I first suggest an honest appraisal of the diving you will be doing. If it's just something tacked on to otherwise non-diving vacations….then I really just say go with rentals. In all the times I have rented gear or been on boats with divers using rental gear, I've never seen a catastrophic failure. No sense in having thousands of dollars of gear that you see for a dozen dives every three years. If you plan to really get into scuba though, then…..

    The first thing I always suggest is a dive computer. Again, if you are just diving rarely then even the cheapest models have everything you need. If you plan to dive more, then we start talking features- but most divers will never use all that even a mid-range computer can do these days.

    A compass, even better combined with a computer. It is essential to be able to navigate. Divers get spoiled to clear tropic waters and clinging to an instructor/guide that knows where they are going. Take any of that away and you better have a compass.

    A good dive light. Not only is night diving a lot of fun, but the inexpensive light I have has lasted a couple years of hard use in extreme conditions- and doesn't get hot out of the water so I can use it to get back to the car after the dive, and check the ground for any gear before leaving.

    Small stuff like a safety sausage and finger reel. Just the other week I dropped a weighted bag with a camera in it in only a few feet of lake water, but the bottom was so stirred up you couldn't see an inch. So we marked the approximate location and did our dive. Returning later the muck cleared enough that we found the bag. That was in water you could stand up in….so the utility of sausage and reel can't be overstated.

  7. jason hayward says

    where is the electroniic vortex oxygen supply device,, im ean the term "old man" more like old tech ,,, old man bullets rather then electro chemical, more like old man stuff then austrliana made inventiveness, that why we get imported compnaies rather then austrlian stuff becuasse it scares them!!!!!!!!!

  8. Andy moss says

    What a nice chap.
    thank you.

  9. lucky limanto says

    want to get a good wise word? Listen from this ‘old man’ . Very wise word.

  10. MaximumGtr says

    Thanks Alec! Another great video.

  11. Ivory Johnson says

    That was almost the order I got my equipment took couple of years but got it

  12. Ajesh Kunjumani says

    Nice advice

  13. Thomas Pennington says

    Thanks for your tips. On the homemade rebreather you mentioned turning the oxygen off and on but you didn't explain why or how to know when to do it. Could you please explain that process.

  14. Ziad Morsy says

    Thanks for the outstanding video and tips, I just came across your channel today and I just watched 5 videos, I just can't get enough!
    I was actually thinking of what to buy next, and I will follow your advice…
    Keep up the good work!

  15. darrenh20102 says

    Thanks for the excellent, clear advice Alec. I have a problem that you may have seen before. Need some advice if you would be so kind. I have a quite large lump on my forefoot which makes finding comfortable fitting fins difficult. It's a cuneiform deformity commonly called a saddle deformity. It's very common and hence my suspicion that you may have come across it before. I find that my fins rub excessively on the prominence and despite using scuba socks it still happens. I've found the old style rubber fins are OK but wondered if you knew of any modern fins that have good flexibility of the foot pocket whilst retaining a good tight grip. Advice from any reader would be very much appreciated. Thank you

  16. Lube The Gun says

    My girls & I r going to sign up for try to scuba class in August. Should we buy the mask & snorkel or use the one the provide. Thanks,

  17. Alex Generalov says

    Bought mine in same order, worked great for me when i was starting 5 years ago. Nice advice, sir!

  18. Greg Domonkos says

    You sir, are a 100% beaut. Thank you so much for the honest advice. I'm a newbie that needed this.

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