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The Typhoon Neo Quantum Air Drysuit is a light and practical neoprene dry-suit for diving in colder waters. Made from the lightest dive grade neoprene the Quantum is less bulky than other neoprene suits so you feel a greater freedom.

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Rating: 4.33

  1. Kazuma 和真 says

    You guys really need to open a shop in Malaysia, I would really like to try one myself to save the effort of mailing it back and stuff.

  2. dediver says

    Honestly, your videos are pretty worthless because all the products you show are "great", "wonderful", "nice and clean" and so on. I can't remember a single bad thing you ever told about a product. Pros and Cons between the products? Nothing.
    In my eyes, this is not the way a trustworthy dive store should behave. The message behind your videos is: We will sell everything, good or bad.

  3. Christopher Villiers says

    I bet that a few pennies

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