Open Water Diver SNSI – Scuba Nr. 1 (US)

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This is the video of the dive Nr.2 for the SNSI Open Water course. The aim of this video is to show everybody exercises for the first session of training with scuba.
This video is part of an integrated teaching system owned by SNSI, all right reserved.
CAUTION: this video is not e self-instruction, it’s part of an integrated course owned by SNSI where an SNSI instructor will lead students.

Rating: 4.62

  1. tianlongvlog says

    i got the feeling refreshed of my experience after watching this video

  2. Nour Hoballah says

    دم حج

  3. حسين عثمان says

    ماشاء الله

  4. Hendra Irawan says

    Im ♥ scuba diving

  5. Pamela Moir Ford says


  6. KandU.letsgo says

    I remember our first time like it was yesterday

  7. Adhnan Hassan says

    I really love diving but when I try I feel like my ears wants to burst….

  8. ToTosai says

    i was wondering how long max the tank can provide the o2 for us?

  9. Hamada Hamada says


  10. Yanky says

    I love this and way they explained

  11. Jason Johnson says

    Great videos… I am wondering if someone could tell me where this location is? I want to add it to my scuba bucket list!

  12. ควาย

  13. Karl Thorne says

    What size tanks are the girls wearing and the girl with the black hair seems to get all the best roles in this video ie Mask clearing Removal of Mask and replace underwater and the best close UPS

  14. Minakshi Yoga time says

    Thanks a lot

  15. Cooking with kawish says


  16. Rayyan Sheerwan says

    زؤر جوانه

  17. Skipper's Review says

    I gotta get back out there or under there,

  18. Maddy Equestrian says

    Will your lungs explode if ur in a twelve ft pool

  19. CupCake says

    Sorry for the question: have you ever peed during scuba diving?

  20. Super Comics Studios says

    Ima get my licsense soon

  21. R. A. says

    I just passed the OWD course. Thinking about taking a AOWD. Should I dive more first and get myself more familiar before taking it? Or is it okay to just take AOWD immediately?

  22. Mei Hongxia says


  23. Tormentor says

    how do you open your eyes in this salty water? is that even safe?

  24. uuuuuuuuuuuu

  25. Front Line says

    Long time since my last dive.

  26. Lenka Pelcova says

    Is this Sharm el Sheikh? 🙂

  27. kd k says

    i know nothing about diving. why is it bad to hold your breath?

  28. Aahgd Aavgd says


  29. josvani says

    quick question, what if i plan to dive with contacts, how would i be able to see if the mask is empty of water if i cant open my eyes under water? thank you

  30. Robert Bratberg says

    Beautiful and informative. Thanks!

  31. منى العصيمي says

    Very interesting

  32. Marco Antonio Peña says

    What about NAUI certification, instead PADI. I'm just Know there are the best Certification around the world. NAUI is cheaper, so what´s the problem with NAUI Certification. I'm mean for Open Waters Diver, Thanks and Regards from México!!

  33. Nelson Aguilera says


  34. mikey larson says
  35. OkiPuhno says

    3:03 exaggerated ok sign

  36. Quan Nguyen says

    Her first stage isn't tight enough or something? Air is coming out !!

  37. xv lv says

    Absolutely stunning filming! You guys make it look so easy. I get anxieties when one of the girl took off her mask. Phew!

  38. Vero Rj says

    Where was this filmed? Italy? It is beautiful!! Great video!

  39. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Great video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  40. biscuit argenté mon monde says


  41. Godknows Hwatah says

    going for my Divemaster Internship this October. hahaha

  42. Ewan859 says

    how old do you have to be to dive?

  43. Tomas Pressel says

    Very nice video.

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